from by Quassar



World leaders are heading together
towards a fabulous discovery.

Something stuck in a gravity field
electromagnetic radiation.

Eight soldiers disappear when removing.

In a cave , hidden in another dimension
for five thousand years.

Retry the catch...

Three soldiers and a dog were burned
The Vimana is activated due to a reaction
possibly from an explosion.

Their deaths were related to a fire.

They picked up again to make a comprehensive study
And during the move ...

forty soldiers , technicians and helicopter
were charred
by an electromagnetic shock wave
destroying everything around.

The government and media refuse such information
blaming the event of a terrorist act.

The place that hides vimana is attacked
by alien forces to destroy
The technology which was found and moved there.

The air software suffered an attack
In little over half an hour exterminated
Five hundred soldiers and space contractors
who worked with the stolen discovery.


from AlieNation, released April 17, 2015
Music: J.F. Tercero
Lyrics: J.Guti



all rights reserved


Quassar Ciudad Real, Spain

J.Guti: Vocals
J.F. Tercero: Guitars
J.J. Aranda: Guitars
Arturo Camacho: Bass
Chus Rodriguez: Drums

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