One World, Two Sides

from by Quassar



Why prohibit flying over the poles ?
What if there is an opening in each of them?
Do they feel fear if we discover more farces ?
What if we hide it , as the whole history of mankind?

With so much exploration ...
We forget that ...
The oceans and much of the world are yet to explore.

We could be controlled by our gods...

Possibly aliens
come from other worlds,
They oversee our activities
from the bowels of our home.

We were created or mutated in the likeness of another civilization.
Our DNA will ratify in their overall analysis.

We could be controlled by our gods...

From our own land , our oceans sink
by polar openings they turn around
with continents and vital inner sun
tropical climate and days without night.

How many myths have been finally reality?
Agharta and Shambhala proclaim the existence of a king
controlling our world
from an underground civilization.


from AlieNation, released April 17, 2015
Music: J.F. Tercero
Lyrics: J.Guti



all rights reserved


Quassar Ciudad Real, Spain

J.Guti: Vocals
J.F. Tercero: Guitars
J.J. Aranda: Guitars
Arturo Camacho: Bass
Chus Rodriguez: Drums

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