Below The Shadows

from by Quassar



He was involved in an extra construction,
In a deep secret military base,
In the early stages of construction,
Made four holes as tunnels.

The machinery was damaged,
They wanted to see down there.
They sent observers to see what happened,
Green and black berets were camped.

Hundreds of secret hidden bases
The alien agenda.

That was one of their internal bases,
They drilled right on top of it.
Blackish and stinky smell air went upwards,
Then a terrible hell is unleashed.

He went down in a basket through a hole,
He saw an alien sitting and its stench was horrible,
Grabbed his gun and killed two of them,
There was thirty humans, and came another forty.

Started a war against the aliens,
Almost all human died there,
Some aliens also died,
They are here long time.

One of them shot him a ray,
Opened as a fish and it radiated him,
He escaped thanks to a green beret,
that risked his life by him.

Later become ill of various diseases,
Was killed by the same people who he worked with,
To make public this incredible case
His murder was considered a suicide.


from AlieNation, released April 17, 2015
Music: J.F. Tercero
Lyrics: J.Guti



all rights reserved


Quassar Ciudad Real, Spain

J.Guti: Vocals
J.F. Tercero: Guitars
J.J. Aranda: Guitars
Arturo Camacho: Bass
Chus Rodriguez: Drums

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